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Top new questions this week:

How to import groups of contact and make it a new group

I am new in the civic crm community! As I am accustomed to non open-source crm platform, I have issues finding an anwser to my need: I would like to import a group of contacts, and then make it ...

asked by Mathilde 3 votes
answered by Demerit 2 votes

Tracking completed transactions on CiviCRM in Google Analytics

We have a Drupal site using CiviCRM and I would like to track how many times users go to our membership, subscription, and donation pages and then complete those respective transactions. In setting up ...

civicontribute google  
asked by Tony Fleming 2 votes
answered by Jon G - Megaphone Tech 1 vote

Where is the documentation for installing CiviCRM with Drupal 8 or for upgrading a Drupal 7 system with Civi to Drupal 8

This question is being asked so that it becomes the go to Answer for documentation / installation / migration questions hopefully.

drupal drupal-8 documentation  
asked by petednz - fuzion 2 votes
answered by petednz - fuzion 2 votes

New Install "MYSql Server Has Gone Away"

Good evening, I'm new here and trying to get CiviCRM installed for the first time (volunteer sysadmin for a non-profit). I think I have gone through all of the steps to troubleshoot but I suspect I am ...

wordpress installation mysql nginx mysql-5.7  
asked by DEVIANT 2 votes
answered by Demerit 3 votes

Error upgrading database in WP: "Queue runner must be configured before execution

Just upgraded to 5.27.3. Tried to upgrade database, got "Sorry, due to an error, we are unable to fulfill your request at the moment. You may want to contact your administrator or service ...

wordpress upgrade  
asked by Peter W 1 vote

Contacts Duplicated on Login for Wordpress

We have been facing a recurring issue where Civi is duplicating contacts. We were able to test and confirm that it happens whenever a person logs in, and then another duplicate contact is created ...

wordpress duplicate-contacts  
asked by user8186 1 vote

Employer ID token not working with Mosaico

I'm composing an email with Mosaico that requires the following tokens: {contact.display_name} {contact.contact_id} {contact.current_employer} {contact.current_employer_id} The first three tokens work ...

civimail tokens mosaico  
asked by Kaitlyn B 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I open a case that started more than twenty years ago?

We have one client whose case started 25 years ago. This falls out of range of the allowable open case date range and produces this message: Is there a way to expand/change this date range?

civicase dates  
asked by pmoz 9 votes
answered by jitendra - fuzion 12 votes

I need a developer for a custom extension where is the best place to ask?

All is in the title. We have a client with specific need. We would like to hire a developer to build the extension the right way and share it with the community. Where's the place to do it ? Here ?

asked by empiguet 2 votes
answered by Mick Kahn 4 votes

Mailing issue. Could not identify any recipients. Perhaps the group is empty?

I am experiencing a weird issue on my CiviCRM 4.7.3 on Joomla 3.5.0 (also happening on some 4.7.8 on Drupal 7) When I try to send or schedule a mailing and I hit "Send test" I receive an error saying ...

civimail mailing  
asked by Stefano 10 votes
answered by Slingshot Design 5 votes

Fails to open ClassLoader.php file

I've installed the plugin successfully, but when I go visit the CiviCRM page in the backend, I get the following error: Warning: require_once(CRM/Core/ClassLoader.php): failed to open stream: No ...

wordpress civievent  
asked by Efat Ahmed 2 votes
answered by Kainuk - CiviCooP 2 votes

Error: Call to undefined function bccomp() in CRM_Financial_BAO_Payment::isPaymentCompletesContribution()

CiviCRM 5.16.3 Event uses price sets Background: We offered a $40.00 price set option for an event that later became free. We created a new price set option for $0.00, disabled the old one, and ...

civievent civicontribute  
asked by Zachary 1 vote
answered by Zachary 3 votes

Is it easy to upgrade CiviCRM using drush?

The standard upgrade process for CiviCRM is quite a complex process according to the instructions in the wiki. Is it easier to use drush to upgrade CiviCRM? If so, how do you do this? I couldn't ...

drupal upgrade drush  
asked by William Mortada 14 votes
answered by William Mortada 15 votes

How to get CiviCRM Views to work in Drupal 8 with separate CiviCRM database

When setting up a Drupal 8 with separate CiviCRM database, the Drupal views cannot read the CiviCRM database: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'xxx.civicrm_contact' ...

database drupal-views civicrm-entity drupal-8  
asked by Hans Rossel 5 votes
answered by Jon G - Megaphone Tech 6 votes

Can you answer these questions?

CiviCRM API issue

On our multi-site build we have been using the API functionality to send member info to a partner platform so that when a member logs in to our one of our websites and clicks a link their information ...

api permissions  
asked by RobbieMcg 1 vote

Is there a way to generate a click-through report from a Mass SMS?

Unlike How do I prevent CiviSMS from converting my URLs to longer clickthrough-aware URLs?, I'd like to take advantage of clickthrough tracking in mass SMS's. The links in the SMS message are replaced ...

sms civisms click-through  
asked by SRQ_civicrm 2 votes

CiviCRM & Quickbooks - What's the best way to achieve membership type accounting coding?

Been looking at Justin @ Agilewares fantastic QuickBooks extension and I had a question around our specific scenario and I'm not entirely sure if (or how) it can achieve what we need. Any suggestions ...

civicontribute civimember accounting quickbooks  
asked by sjparker 1 vote
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