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Top new questions this week:

May Notes contain emoji graphics?

I'm using Civi 5.18.3 on a demo site. I am trying to add the text of a Twitter bio as a new Note for a Contact, and it is not saving. The bio text contains these characters: National Volunteer & ...

asked by Joe McLaughlin 3 votes
answered by Jon G - Megaphone Tech 3 votes

Could not find value for CT fatal error

I am seeing a fatal could not find value for 'ct' error when some of my users try to save a new contact. The associated error log is the following: [debug] $backTrace = #0 ...

contacts error forms  
asked by tanbog 2 votes

Setting note privacy to groups instead of just author

[On Civicrm 5.19.1, Drupal 7] Is it possible within Civicrm to make a new privacy setting that limits viewing notes to an entire group, and not only the author? We would like all tarification people ...

contacts groups php  
asked by eics 2 votes

CiviCRM selectively generating receipts/invoices for contribution pages

This could be an email deliverability issue - but I thought I would check to see if there is more I can do to troubleshoot. Many people are saying they are not receiving receipts and invoices when ...

civicontribute email receipts  
asked by themak 2 votes
answered by petednz - fuzion 3 votes

Membership tokens missing after upgrade to civi v5

I would like to use the membership.fee token in a mail. However, it isn't displayed in the list of tokens the mailer view offers and it's not working when I use it manually. I saw a suggestion to use ...

civimail civimember tokens  
asked by Marcel Klehr 2 votes
answered by petednz - fuzion 1 vote

Image from Civicrm contact not shown

I'm using Drupal 7.67 and CiviCRM 5.14.2. I can upload a contact image but in the moment I'm not getting any error messages, the images are just displaying as broken image icons. This happens whether ...

webform-civicrm contact-image  
asked by Adrian 2 votes

Update Donation Amounts for Monthly Recurring option

We are in the process of building out a contribution form (not webform) with the One-Time and Monthly option buttons at the top of the donation form. We are trying to figure out the best option to ...

asked by roshani 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can Members download their own Membership Certificate/Card?

This is a request I get quite often. Below is my favourite solution for it.

drupal civimember drupal-views  
asked by KarinG - Semper IT 6 votes

Getting permission error when installing CiviCRM under Drupal

I've recently set up a subdomain of mine on a VPS, installed Drupal 7.56, and managed to download the civicrm module but when I go to ...

drupal installation  
asked by ferkenheimerschmidt 9 votes
answered by pnbps 10 votes

How does one stop people who haven't paid (pending from pay later) from filling an event?

We are running CiviCRM 4.5.3 on Joomla! 3.3.3. As the question says, we want to know how to stop people who haven't paid (pending from pay later or incomplete transaction) from filling an event. If, ...

asked by asw 6 votes
answered by Tommy B 8 votes

Steps to move from paypal to Stripe?

If I move from paypal to stripe, what steps or information I need to take into consideration in terms of recurring contribution? And how to initiate the moving existing recurring contribution ...

payment-processor paypal recurring-contributions stripe  
asked by Tapash 3 votes
answered by Lesley Carter - BackOffice 3 votes

Unexpected T_CLONE, expecting T_STRING (PHP 7, Drupal 7, Ubuntu 16.04)

On an Ubuntu 16.04 VM with PHP 7.x, I am seeing the following error when enabling CiviCRM in Drupal 7: ParseError: syntax error, unexpected 'clone' (T_CLONE), expecting identifier (T_STRING) or ...

drupal php php7  
asked by Brylie Christopher Oxley 5 votes
answered by Aidan 7 votes

MyISAM database but all civicrm_ tables are INNODB... is this a problem?

I just upgraded a large site to 4.7 (without any issues in the upgrade process by the way). The new "System Status" admin screen gives a warning as follows: "Your database is configured to use ...

mysql mysql-archive-format db-logging  
asked by Laryn - 10 votes
answered by Laryn - 12 votes

How do I override the default CKEditor configuration?

The question Where/how can I override the default CKEditor configuration files in CiviCRM? Original issue / follow-up question We have a custom email template that uses <html>, <head>, ...

civimail tags wysiwyg ckeditor  
asked by John 7 votes
answered by Coleman 13 votes

Can you answer these questions?

After 5.18.4 upgrade, new cases not showing up for constituents

After Drupal 7.67 and CiviCRM 5.18.4 upgrades, when you click on add a case, the correct screen opens, you can enter data, then save, and the number of cases showing in the constituent summary is ...

asked by Hugh Daniel 1 vote

How to add a custom field to the civicontribute dashboard?

I've researched a bit on how to create a custom field and believe I understand the process (from this post), but I would now like to add the content of this field to the CiviContribute dashboard. ...

civicontribute dashboard column  
asked by Tony Fleming 1 vote

API: Update a specific multi value field set record

I created a custom field set with three fields, the field set does allow multiple records. The aim of this field set is to collect data about candidacies and mandates of politicians, such as the ...

asked by Tobias Krause 2 votes
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