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Top new questions this week:

How can I add a link in main menu to view own contact summary?

For a registered user, he will need on WordPress to navigate through the WP top bar, go to his profile and then click on 'CiviCRM Profile' to access his own contact. The CiviCRM link in Breadcrumb ...

asked by Guillaume Sorel 4 votes
answered by Demerit 1 vote

Webform CIVICRM Date List and Date/Time doesn't capture year correctly

I'm using CIVICRM Webform on Drupal 9, I'm trying to capture some date fields using Date List and or Date/Time, instead of the regular Date field, because of some strange issues on older browsers, (...

webform-civicrm dates  
asked by Craig Creque 2 votes
answered by KarinG - Semper IT 2 votes

SOLVED - Error on new contribute after upgrade to 5.41.2

After upgrading to 5.41.2 I have a problem when creating a new contribute. Any suggestion in order to manage the error? error log: Versione di WordPress 5.8.1 Plugin corrente: CiviCRM (versione 5.41.2)...

civicontribute contributions  
asked by pk825 2 votes
answered by pk825 1 vote

Weird 1px lines appearing in Mosaico emails in Outlook

I've just spent a while trying to work out what was wrong with my installation of Mosaico. I am getting random 1 pixel lines in the middle of emails and assumed I had done something wrong. I haven't ...

asked by Mick Kahn 2 votes
answered by Mick Kahn 1 vote

Searching for contacts using a list of first/last names

I've got a list of names that I need to find the contact profiles for. I only have the first and last name, is there a way to search for a batch of people and show up as a list view rather than ...

search search-results  
asked by Jbeamish 2 votes
answered by Mick Kahn 3 votes

inconsistent message template loading

civicrm = 5.42.1 wordpress = 5.8.1 php = 7.4.24 With a contact selected, I can start an action to 'send an email', the pop-up appears and I can open the drop down list and select a template. When I go ...

asked by John Bradford 1 vote

Event management screen is not showing all tabs

Is there a setting somewhere that prevents an Admin to see other usual tabs when dealing with events?

asked by Guillaume Sorel 1 vote
answered by Aidan 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I suppress the "are you sure you want to leave this page" popup from contribution page

Where could I suppress the "are you sure you want to leave this page" popup when leaving a contribution page (e.g. donation) without actually proceeding with the contribution. I realize it may be ...

asked by MtnPavlas 6 votes
answered by MtnPavlas 1 vote

Does CiviCRM work with Drupal 8 and how can I help?

What is the status of CiviCRM working with Drupal 8? And how can I help in terms of testing or funding this development?

drupal drupal-8  
asked by petednz - fuzion 22 votes
answered by petednz - fuzion 20 votes

Mailing labels - print: "TCPDF ERROR: Some data has already been output, can't send PDF file"

This one has consumed my entire weekend, and still we can't make mailing labels. Running Civi 4.7.15 on WordPress 4.7.2 ... successfully installed and tested wkhtmltopdf only to discover Civi doesn't ...

mailing pdf address-labels  
asked by Prónay 1 vote
answered by Prónay 3 votes

Problem with open_basedir restriction in effect

Issue began with - Wordpress 4.2.2 CiviCRM 4.6.2 (later 4.6.3 - see below) Php 5.4.33 About 5 days ago on Wordpress installation we were suddenly unable to click into the CiviCRM dashboard via ...

asked by Chris Dubrow 6 votes
answered by Nicholai 4 votes

What is the easiest way to see the MySQL queries run by a CiviCRM page?

When debugging CiviCRM pages, is there a native way to emit the SQL statements being run, eg on a Search page? I'm looking for something easier than finding the code for the page and putting in a ...

debugging mysql  
asked by Joe Murray 11 votes
answered by Sean 10 votes

Error during Drupal installation: MySQL support not included in PHP

I am getting an error as show by the image above when attempting to install CiviCRM on drupal. What does this error message mean and how could I go about fixing it? The entire configuration report ...

installation mysql  
asked by timothyylim 9 votes
answered by Chris Burgess 8 votes

How do I debug CiviCRM when I hit a blank page / white screen / fatal error?

CiviCRM is showing a blank page (aka white screen of death or WSoD) when I expect to see some output. How can I debug CiviCRM when there is no error message visible on screen? This includes when the ...

debugging wsod error  
asked by Chris Burgess 18 votes
answered by Chris Burgess 20 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Possible to build contribution report that groups contributions by employer and includes number of employees?

I would love to be able to make a report in Civi using stock reports, extended reports or reports pro that produces or can be modified to generage the following output: Employer # of Employees # of ...

civireport relationships reports custom-reports  
asked by themak 1 vote

CiviCRM & Wordpress remove links from recurring contributions section of front end user dashboard and related contacts dashboard

I desperately need assistance on something. I have a CiviCRM installation on a WordPress site. The issue is that on the front end User Dashboard under recurring payments, there are four links can be ...

wordpress user-dashboard links organization  
asked by Natasha 1 vote

Menu bar editor: how to add a target="_blank"?

I need to add some external links to the menu bar and I want them to open in a new tab. I've unsuccessfully tried variations around Is this possible through the ...

asked by Guillaume Sorel 1 vote
answered by Demerit 0 votes
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