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Top new questions this week:

Contact Form 7 CiviCRM integration, how to retrieve the defaults

I have CiviCRM 5.73.4 and WP 6.5.4. In WP i did load the Plugins "Contact Form 7" and "Contact Form 7 CiviCRM integration". In the Settings of "Contact Form 7 CiviCRM ...

wordpress form-processor  
user avatar asked by Franziskus Score of 1

Custom field set with multiple values does NOT save more than one value

I have an issue on v5.73.4 and could reproduce on CiviCRM Drupal Sandbox site. I create a custom field set containing two select list fields (Committees and function in committee). Assign the custom ...

contacts custom-fields bug-reporting  
user avatar asked by Jérôme Chomé Score of 1
user avatar answered by petednz - fuzion Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

If statement involving "is not empty" in smarty template?

How do I do this in a Smarty template: If {contact.supplemental_address_1} is not empty then {contact.supplemental_address_1}

user avatar asked by Yossi Score of 2
user avatar answered by Mick Kahn Score of 4

How to bulk modify email addresses as a result of re-brand?

I've got about 80 records in my database for contacts who all work for an important organisation that we liaise with. They've just changed their email domain, but all of the front part of their email ...

user avatar asked by Graham Score of 6
user avatar answered by Pradeep Nayak Score of 7

"Cannot redeclare class CRM_Core_ClassLoader" in backup site

I had a civicrm 4.4.6 site in my drupal 7 subdomain, which is I want to have a backup site to perform update on civicrm, but it shows: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class ...

drupal backups  
user avatar asked by vences Score of 7
user avatar answered by davejenx Score of 13

Database Trigger error message

Trying to install to WordPress and I get; "Could not create a database trigger." I have no idea how to resolve. Thank you!

database installation  
user avatar asked by f1mktsol Score of 4
user avatar answered by Joe Murray Score of 9

Is it easy to upgrade CiviCRM using drush?

The standard upgrade process for CiviCRM is quite a complex process according to the instructions in the wiki. Is it easier to use drush to upgrade CiviCRM? If so, how do you do this? I couldn't ...

drupal upgrade drush  
user avatar asked by William Mortada Score of 15

how to fix 'Warning Error loading module file (). Please restore the file or disable the module.' error message?

I'm using civicrm 4.5.5 in drupal 6 I enabled tracing to explore another problem and when I removed the defines in the settings.php file that setup the query logging, this error appeared. How do I ...

user avatar asked by jpe Score of 4
user avatar answered by Chris Burgess Score of 8

Standalone CiviCRM? (no CMS)

I was pretty excited to read about CiviCRM until I saw the requirement for one of the big 3 CMS systems. Is is possible to use/build CiviCRM without a CMS? All three of those CMS systems are massive ...

evaluating-civicrm cms-integration standalone  
user avatar asked by Tony Adams Score of 9
user avatar answered by Sean Score of 10

Can you answer this question?

Civimail traditional full links showing

Occasionally we use the Email Send/Schedule by Civimail (traditional) function when we're mailing members in a group of more than 50. As with all 'mass mailings, we're obliged to include tokens for ...

user avatar asked by Jamie Score of 1
user avatar answered by Pradeep Nayak Score of 0
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