as mandrill have just announced they are becoming an add-on to mailchimp, and transactional email service will be attached to a subscription to MailChimp. And as my provider mail service drop all bounces, I have to fall back on other solutions that can be integrated properly with CiviMail. What are solutions (free or very little expensive because we are a very small structure) that would send 600 messages per month maximum (Google, Zoho, ...)?

Thank you for your help.


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This conversation has been taking place on the CiviCRM Partners' list in the past week. Fortunately, some folks from the list created a wiki page to track the best options, which is available here: Mailing Providers.

I like Amazon SES, which termdark referenced (I'm the author of that documentation they linked). However, CiviCRM partners with much larger installations don't like it because it lacks some high-end features (e.g. sub-accounting) and because they can vary their throttling.

If you're only sending 600 messages/month, you can probably use your web host's SMTP servers. If you're on a VPS, you can set up Posfix yourself - you're unlikely to get blacklisted with such a low volume if you configure it right, and being able to configure Postfix is an important part of how to set up Amazon SES.

EDIT: There's a lot of interest amongst the partners in SparkPost. They offer 100,000 free messages a month, and support many of the high-end features. There's also an extension under development by the folks at CiviDesk to use the more efficient (and easier to set up) API for bounce handling.


Amazon SES is a suitable replacement for those on a budget. There's some useful documentation on getting it set up with CiviCRM at: https://hq.palantetech.coop/projects/commons/wiki/Amazon_SES_for_CiviCRM

I'd advise you to set up the Postix server as SES lacks much of the more useful functionality of Mandrill.

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