We have a localized CiviCRM instance (Dutch), and after upgrading from 4.6 to 4.7, some things are not translated. In particular, after a contact search, the tasks you can do on the results (add relationship, delete contacts) are not translated.

So I created a Transifex-account, but there it says that all strings are translated. (I tried to see the translated strings using the Transifex UI, but I always get 'There was an error connecting to server. Reload '.)

This was not very helpful, so I cloned the l10n-repository from github. I looked at the .po-files, and it looks like they are automatically generated from the sources of 4.6. In 4.7, lots of strings changed, like e.g. in 7f82e636, but the new strings are not in the po-files.

So I wonder how we'll get CiviCRM 4.7 correctly translated.

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Exists an unresolved localization issue that probably explains your translation problems. You can see here:

CRM-17737 New Mailer dialog seems impossible to translate


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