I found that the BillingBlock.tpl is included in Main.tpl file and all the variables are assigned to this templates using Main.php file. I can hardcode the variable there but I am worried about if there is another core update. So I am trying to override the Main.php file from my custom extension but it's not happening.

My question is how do I override the Main.php file in civicrm from custom extension ( custom payment processor ) or if there is other method built in civicrm with which I can pass variable to Main.tpl or BillingBlock.tpl.

P.S. I followed the same directory structure as of core.

├── CRM
   └── Contribute
       └── Form
           └── Contribution
               └── Main.php

To Override Main.tpl file - you can try using Main.extra.tpl which should work

But Please try using - custom File - because if you are overriding the same file in some other extension it might not work sometime

function hook_civicrm_buildForm($formName, &$form) {
$templatePath = realpath(dirname(__FILE__)."/templates");
    'template' => "{$templatePath}/custom/custom.tpl",

and add your coding in the custom.tpl

Also please note that for billing address all the fields are hard coded in the core also same for validation -

If you need more help please let me know - thanks

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