Is there a way to use the CiviVolunteer job opportunities in Drupal views? If not would this need work on the CiviVolunteer extension or the CiviCRM entities module?

We are looking for a way to expose the vacancies in a nice and flexible way in our drupal views.

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Presently CiviVolunteer does not have a direct integration with Drupal Views. I have worked with the CiviCRM/Views integration before, but it's been quite a while now, so I'm not sure what's changed... that said, my work was integrating CiviCRM core fields with Drupal Views. I'm not sure what it would take -- or even if it would be all that different -- to integrate Drupal Views with entities defined by a CiviCRM extension.

As of version 2.0, CiviVolunteer does provide a filterable list of available volunteer opportunities. Here's an example. Perhaps this obviates the need for a Views integration?

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