I'm running civicrm 4.6.10, drupal 7.41, and I'm trying to add a field to a price set that would let users select from a couple of different price levels for membership.

  • Maximum Dues $33
  • Regular Dues $22
  • Minimum Dues $11
  • Sub-Minimum Dues $6

They are each attached to a membership type that has recurring payments listed as an option.

However, I keep getting this error.

"You can include auto-renew membership choices for only one price field in a price set. Another field in this set already contains one or more auto-renew membership options."

I get this error even when there are not other fields in the set, or when I only make one option is the field for the memberships (like just listing maximum)

Any ideas? Is this something I'm doing wrong or possibly a bug?


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Turns out it was a bug that I was able to fix by updating to the latest version of civicrm 4.7.4

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