A client is using webform-CiviCRM for a contribution page. Due to pro-rating and other factors, each contributor needs to pay a unique amount - and thus the webform has the exposed "Contribution Amount" element that can accept an amount from a user.

How can I pre-fill this Contribution Amount using a custom field value? The webform Default Value can't be set to a token for a custom field that has the amount (returns "This is a CiviCRM currency field. Default value must be a number.", even if the field is an integer or a number.

It might also be possible to attach the $ amount to the URL as a parameter?

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Just adding to this -> this is now possible (since today: many thanks for Fuzion for re-asking this question and helping to see it through!); we had to relax a form_error that was preventing tokens to be injected in the default field for contribution_total_amount;

You can now do:


and if you have configured your Contribution Amount -> default as:


Then it will fetch that $120 -> and give you:

enter image description here


You can try to add the value in a URL to prefill it (if that is what you are asking). If the URL is: /paymentform

I think you could then send a URL such as /paymentform?amount=25 with a default value in the amount field of [current-page:query:amount]

Aside: If you are sending these URLs from a CiviMail mailing (or sending an email to a contact through CiviCRM) and have the amount information in a custom field, you could prefill the amount value in the URL via a token for that custom field value.

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