is it do able to be able to present an editable fields with civicrm custom field? as I tested using it was not available for select?

update: Rephrasing my questions, I am trying to setup a views with the profile contact details, but some of the contact details/fields are going to be a direct editable in the views fields options, like the module we used : drupal editable fields, but its not available for civicrm fields, are we able to do something out of the box?

thank you

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(edited) Thanks for triggering me to retest this module ;-)

Some quick testing on the drupal module Editable Views for D7 shows this now works.

Note1: site tested on also using CiviCRM Entity so this may be a requirement.

It worked for me for eg First Name and a custom text field and a custom radio though it only showed Value not Label for the options.


  • add/enable modules (of course)

  • set View up based on civi contact (for my testing purposes)

  • add new field and choose CiviCRM Contacts: Entity metadata property (editable)

  • this includes a new dropdown called Metadata property where you can then select eg First Name, or a custom field

  • Save field

  • hey presto

Wasn't super fast in saving but that might be my dev system

Note1 if this is awesome but needs a bit of love in terms of eg multichoice Label v Value, then either the CiviCRM Views code needs a tweak or CiviCRM Entity does.

Note2 there is new work going on to extend CiviCRM Entity currently (see blog) so if it is something you can help fund to happen it would be good to reach out on that project.

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    I totally rewrote my answer based on testing and finding to my great pleasure that this WORKS ;-)
    – petednz - fuzion
    Mar 26, 2016 at 21:04

Not sure I understand your question correctly. Have you tried the Webform-CiviCRM integration module? That might help if you click on a link in the View?


In civicrm this is called 'inline editing'. Check out the - totes amazeballs - Phone Number Validator for an example of how this works.

In that example I built inline editing into a page, thereby sidestepping forms alltogether.


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