We've created so called 'smart' groups in civicrm, and we need to know if a certrain user belongs to this group.

I can get the groups of a user with the following code:


But the "Smart group of the UID is not listed here,. When I do the following:


I get the result, that the user belongs to this group.

What I want is only to give the contact_id as parameter to check in which smart groups this user is

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Smart Groups are basically a saved search. Checking whether a given contact is in a saved search result means running the search for that combination, which is not efficient - hence the reason the information you want isn't available through existing APIs.

See eg CRM-11903: GroupContact API doesn't get smart group members.

If you want to be able to query the API for this information, you have some options -

  • As you're doing, use the Contact API and filter by group ID to check each Contact/Smart group pair. Not efficient, but you've already found it works.
  • Create a "regular" group and automate the process of updating its members based on the criteria of your smart group. A bit rough - but probably not too hard.
  • Implement the functionality you need in a new API method. Probably not as hard as it sounds, check existing API methods for examples.
  • While it can't be relied on, it might help you to know there's also a DB table which caches the mapping of contacts to groups incl smart groups: civicrm_group_contact_cache - just remember it's a cache table so not to be trusted! Commented Mar 26, 2016 at 10:37

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