I am adding some custom code to the Bookkeeping Report so that each Financial Type's sub total is added to the bottom in the statistics. I have successfully done so, but I can't figure out how to list the name of the Financial Type ID instead of the ID itself.

For instance it is currently listed as 6: $300, 17: $540, etc. I would rather have it listed as: Event Income: $300, Fundraisers: $540, etc. I know this is listed in the table civicrm_financial_type and I can manually build it into the function; however, I did not know if there was an API or a function already built that returned the name of the ID.

custom bookkeeping statistics

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There is a FinancialType API which returns the name with the ID, for example:

$financialTypeName = civicrm_api3('FinancialType', 'Getvalue', array('id' => $financialTypeId, 'return' => 'name'));

There is a function used in the Bookkeeping report to do this:


See e.g.

  public function alterDisplay(&$rows) {
    $contributionTypes = CRM_Contribute_PseudoConstant::financialType();
      // handle financial type id
      if ($value = CRM_Utils_Array::value('civicrm_line_item_financial_type_id', $row)) {
        $rows[$rowNum]['civicrm_line_item_financial_type_id'] = $contributionTypes[$value];

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