The announcement of release 4.6.15 (and previous updates) on the CiviCRM website blog is very 4.7 centric. There's no link to what fixes have been incorporated into the 4.6 update - and as 4.6 is an LTS release many will be wanting to stick with it. Or have I missed it? If someone can send me a link here that would be great. Suggestion: improve the announcement to have a link to the fixes.

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Agreed on your suggestion -- the notification post usually does have a link to the fixes. Here are the issues with a fixed version of 4.6.15:

CiviCRM issues fixed and closed for 4.6.15

  • Is there any way to back port my 4.7.6 database to 4.6.15?
    – P a u l
    Apr 8, 2016 at 23:18

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