I have CiviContribute Invoices working in CiviCRM 4.7 within Drupal 7, but as the documentation tells you to first View a Contribution and then either Print or Email the invoice, it seems that there can only be one Membership per Invoice.

Is it possible (or planned to be possible) to raise a multi-line Invoice?

I guess it would need to be something like "Print/Email Invoice for Contact's Contributions that have a Status of "Pending".


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It is absolutely possible to have multiple line items on an invoice :)

This can be done by using "Price sets". More information about this can be found in the book here:


Once you have set up your price set, persons (either administrators or public users who purchases memberships on a contribution page) could purchase 2 memberships in the same transaction. Then 2 memberships will then be shown as separate line items on the invoice.


Thanks for this suggestion, and apologies for my slow response.

From my readoing of Price Sets, they allow variations and addons for a single Membership.

Just to clarify, our requirement needs to allow a Contact to hold several unrelated Memberships, and for each Membership to appear as a separate Invoice Line.

As an example, say we have a Red, Green & Blue meeting room, each available for hire on a by-the-hour Membership basis. A Contact might take out a "two hours per month" Membership for the use of the Red room (say for a regular Association Committee Meeting) and a "one hour a day" Membership each for the Green & Blue rooms (for regular Membership Activity meetings).

Is it possible to combine these three unrelated Memberships in a single Invoice, as three separate lines? (Sorry if I'm overlooking how this would be achieved with Price Sets)


  • by the way, I can definitely see how Price Sets could be used to include resources within each meeting room, such as Flip Board, Projector, etc.
    – seGAP
    Commented Jun 25, 2016 at 15:57
  • As per SE guidance, please don't use an answer if you have questions on another answer, please comment on that answer instead. Or edit the original question. Commented Jun 25, 2016 at 17:59

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