I am in the process of evaluating CiviCRM for a Chamber of Commerce site that I am working on.

This specific Chamber has 4 levels of membership, each with 4 levels within it, So: Classic with 1 to 5 employees = $175 Classic with 6 to 10 employees = $225 Classic with 11 to 20 employees = $275 Classic with 21+ employees = $325

And then Bronze, Silver and Gold with the same divisions.

Can this be accomplished with CiviCRM?


Yes - this is fairly straightforward. In fact, unless there are different benefits to membership, I'd only create a single membership type with different price set levels. If there are different membership benefits, I'd consider multiple membership types.

  • Excellent. Thanks. I will push forward and get it going.
    – Sam Greco
    Apr 21 '16 at 19:42

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