I clicked on 'Contribution Details' report and it had a general list of names from my last time playing with it. I clicked on a specific name I wanted to do a report for and tweaked the settings to me needs. Now, I want to change just the contact ID for this report with the same settings. However, there does not appear to be a way to change the contact ID or go back to the original list of names. I want to know how I can clear the settings entirely and/or at least change the contact ID. I already checked the filters section and the contact ID is not listed here to change.

Basically, I am trying to print of the donation history for each of our board members, but I cannot seem to do this from their contact page so trying from this report.

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What you have written doesn't make sense to me as when I click on a name in the contribution detail report I am taken through to the contact's record not to a somewhere I can tweak report settings.

You also haven't stated what verion of CiviCRM you are using. The report UI changed dramatically in 4.6 so if you are using a version early than that these instruction won't apply.

Those aside, go to Administer > Civireport > Create new Report from template and select the contribution details report. Filter on the name of one of the board members and tweak the settings to show what you want.

Once you are happy with report, open the title and format tab to give you new report a name and then go to the Access tab to choose where to put in the navigation menu and control access if needed. Then click on the Create Report button.

You now have a new report instance where changing the name filter will give you an individual report for each board member.

Aside: CiviCRM likes to use names rather than contact ids to identify contacts, perhaps this was a conscious decision not to reduce people to numbers.

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