When I create a report of contributions I can select a filter on 'Receive Date' of yesterday and any transactions with yesterday's Receive Date will be displayed. If I select a filter on 'Transaction Date' of yesterday no transactions are displayed even though there are transactions with a Transaction Date of yesterday.

In looking at the Contribution Table the transaction date is not shown in the table.

Can someone throw some light on this apparent issue?

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The transaction_date field lives in civicrm_financial_item. Not sure that helps you much though.

  • No It doesn't help - it seems that the date is able to be selected in the report filter but it doesn't work. Seems to me to be an error. I am only a 'configurer' and not a 'developer' unfortunately so I am not able to help solve the problem. All I can do is report it. Apr 27, 2016 at 11:16

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