Our organization would like to record all activities for coaching processes with clients. In order to accomplish this I consider using Civicase.

The case could comprise following:

Activities on the case timeline e.g.:

  • A. open case
  • B. send intake form (receive intake form / evaluate and/or process intake form)
  • C. initial coach/intake session
  • D. Coaching session(s)
  • E. send evaluation form (receive evaluation form / evaluate and/or process evaluation form)
  • F. close case

Because we wouldn't know the exact number of required coach sessions (D) at the time the case is initiated, I guess activity D (Coach sessions) could/should initiate a Sequence (of coach sessions). Would this be a good approach or should this be done differently?

A second question: Should we assign a coaching process case to a coach and/or should we add a case role 'coach' and assign the coach there?

Many thanks for your kind input.


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