I am looking for users of CiviGrant who use CiviGrant to administer grants once they have been awarded. We are a new(ish) grant-giving body who already use Civi for managing events and grant applications, and are considering extending our Civi use beyond the application and decision-making stages.

I am looking for organisations who would be willing to talk to us about how they use the CiviGrant system, and what advice they would give. All info would be in confidence.

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If you are still looking for CiviGrant users, please include your contact info. I'm also looking to connect with other CiviGrant users to share tips etc. I can be reached at edith (at) mrgfoundation.org.

Blog post about connecting to CiviGrant users is at: https://civicrm.org/blog/edith-casterline/calling-all-users-of-civigrant

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