Is it possible to transfer a contact list from Microsoft 365 Outlook to CiviCRM using a csv. File?

I don't understand this formating business, it's a simple enough question.

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There is a very good explanation about importing contacts in to civicrm using csv in this chapter of the book. It doesn't matter where those contacts' data originated.



I'm in the process of doing this too. What I found though is that Outlook contacts are all individuals whereas Civi contacts can be either Organisations or Individuals, so unless there is a great level of consistency with naming conventions, they won't all necessarily match up. (Ie, contacts from the same organisation won't necessarily match up) I therefore created two excel spreadsheets, one with the individual contacts, and searched for similar terms to standardise the company names. Then I created a new spreadsheet for the organisations, and have an intern populating it with central phone and email addresses (all my outlook one's were for individual people) it so I can upload it all consistently.
Not finished yet though!

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