I am working on an issue regarding Date Formats (Localization > Date Formats) and it took me a while to realize it is caching due to which changes in Localization.settings.php file were not being reflected. Even after the realization, after every small change I have to clear the cache manually. I used drush ($ drush cc civicrm) to do it which takes about a minute everytime and it is hectic.

So, how can I disable caching?


Caching methods can be enabled or disabled in your CiviCRM settings file (eg: civicrm.settings.php).

The setting you're looking for is: CIVICRM_DB_CACHE_CLASS

To disable caching, change the value to 'NoCache'. Other possible settings are documented above the setting in the file.

There is a page about caching in the documentation here: https://wiki.civicrm.org/confluence/display/CRMDOC/Cache+Reference

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