When using "Import Contributions > Update Existing Contributions" I can import a Financial Type using the full name of an existing (and active) Financial Type. However, if I try to use the full name of an existing (and active) campaign it does not seem to work consistently.

EDIT I notice that in the database the civicrm_contribution table has fields for financial_type_id and campaign_id -- is there any danger in using some SQL directly to populate these values? (ie. can anyone verify that if I set those IDs correctly in this table, it won't conflict with anything else)

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If you're not using the in core CiviAccounts bits - then changing the financial_type_id is ok. We do lots of retyping (update more specific financial_type_ids ad-hoc) - on projects where we do our own Accounting integration i.e. bypassing the core CiviAccounts.

PS - forgot to note that updating campaign_id should be safe

  • And if there is use (or plan to use) CiviAccounts in the future -- are there other tables that can be updated in a similar way, or do you recommend not touching the tables directly in that case?
    – Laryn
    May 24, 2016 at 15:42
  • I'd turn it around: only if/when you're going to using CiviAccounts (Financial tables) in future - then write a script that will update/insert all financial bits in all tables in involved - and I urge you to run some consistency/checks as part of that. Especially, if your org has subsequent recurring contributions. May 24, 2016 at 16:37

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