I want to restrict access for users so that they can only see certain contributions - just those for their own campaign. It doesn't appear to me that CiviContribute is very ACL aware, so I'm looking at producing a contribution report that is restricted in the same way. The 'Access' part of CiviReport has a menu where I can add an 'ACL Group/Role' - but it seems that only Drupal roles appear here - not ACL roles. Is this working as designed? Or is there something I'm missing? It appears that with contributions either a user sees everything or nothing, but I hope that isn't the case. I'm using Drupal and 4.6


Not sure if it is or was possible but as an alternative, you can :

  • create a group in CiviCRM
  • synchronize it with a Drupal role using CiviGroup Roles Sync (civicrm_group_roles) module (provided with CiviCRM)
  • use this new role to limit access to your report
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  • Thanks, that's a very interesting suggestion. I must admit that I wasn't aware of group/roles sync which looks very useful. – Andy Clark May 30 '16 at 15:53

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