In our use case we need to batch update participants with large tables - up to 45 columns and 20-50 rows. For this to have any hope of success we had to find a way of getting the table to scroll vertically and horizontally, while fixing the header and left column. How to do it? Read on...

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We found a way that may perhaps be helpful for others, so we're posting the answer here. This applies to Drupal 7, Civi 4.6.17:

  1. We needed to add extra fields to the Batch update profile code, as per this answer.

  2. We used some javascript and custom css and allocated it to our batch update pages as a Drupal block, using php to target pages with '_qf_Batch_display' in their query string. (Actually, the Css went in our custom css file.)

  3. You can find a simplified example containing the javascript, html and css here.

Hope this might give others a leg up to a system that has worked really well for us.


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