I run a small but growing non-profit and I was looking into CIVICRM as our much needed CRM system. Now I know no coding at all, can I still custumie and use CIVI or do I nedd to know coding?TY!!


You can customize civicrm in many ways - eg add custom data/fields; you can also add extensions - essentially packages of code that help you leverage civicrm further. Lots of ways to customize your civicrm without requiring you to know touch code.


You can indeed customize CiviCRM in many ways, as KarinG explained. However, if you are a small NGO with small budgets I would recommend doing only the absolutely necessary customizations and stay away from 'i want this to look a little different'. Not because you can not, but because the benefits will probably not outweight the effort.


There are ways to customize the appearance and UI of CiviCRM as well. See this talk from 2015's Denver conference: CiviCON Denver- Make It Pretty: Customize the Appearance of CiviCRM without Knowing How to Code

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