I am trying to import a Google Apps Contacts list in csv file format. I go through the steps; it goes through the motions of importing the file, but no contacts are added. We're running CiviCrm 4.7.8. It's a trial run on a friend's Wordpress account. We get a System Status:Error message that everything's not configured yet e.g. No Cron Running. Any ideas?

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That cron is not running is not affecting the import process.

Ideas - in no particular order:

  • Perhaps your csv needs some formatting? Do you have columns for First Name; Last Name; Email adress and are they all in expect format? Email address should just be email address only (so separate columns):

Mary (in column 1) Smith (in column 2) [email protected] (in column 3)

  • I find that MS Excel does not always give me a correctly formatted importable CSV file... so I always use Open Office instead - just look and save

  • is the upload directory writable by the user the webserver runs as? Not sure where that lives in Wordpress; in Drupal it's files/civicrm/upload

  • Thanks for your response, Karin. The columns were all formatted correctly. I tried again and it worked. The only change was that I left the default date format as it was.
    – Andrew
    Aug 3, 2016 at 19:22

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