Newbie question: How do I search for all unsubscribed e-mails across any/all groups?

I would also like to mark e-mail addresses if they're unsubscribed from an imported list. How do I do this?



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Not sure what version of Civi you are on (I'm on 4.7.9), but take a looking under Reports > Mailing Reports > Mailing Detail Report - I think this will give you a good solid list to work with (see attached screen shot for available columns) - on the filters tab you also have the option to filter by group.

enter image description here

Hope this helps! Tamar


I just tried a few things, and I don't think this is possible out of the box! If you're a coder, you could write a custom search to do this. Or you could query the MySQL database. The civicrm_group_contact folder has the info you want in the status field.


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