I would use civix for coding a scheduled task that updates a customed field. I could generate an extension skeletton with the "civix generate:module" command, but fail to use "civix generate:api" for generating an api to be scheduled.

My CiviCRM is embedded in Drupal and hosted by Google cloud. I have a local copy of the civicrm part of my site, but without the mysql database. When executing the civix generate:api command, I get an error that seems coming from mysql : Initialization Error - DB error : extension not found.

Is mysql mandatory for having "civix generate:api" working ? How can I avoid my civicrm copy to launch mysql ? Thanks for help.

  • solved by a "extension=php_mysql.dll" directive in the php.ini file. But remains an "Initialization Error" during the call "Services::api3()". Jul 25, 2016 at 17:09

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Although not clearly stated in the civix documentation, a full running mysql database is mandatory with the CiviCRM application for an api generation. A good reason for me to have an online clone of my site for testing.

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