Hi I am testing updating memberships via the front-end 'import memberships'tool. The [membership id] is required in order to do this. For the life of me I cannot find a way to get it out of Civi (cannot go inot the db, need to stick to stick to the frontend interface for users).

It's not on screen, not available as a field on membership reports, not available to set up as a profile view... enter image description here

We are on 4.6.12 Any tips appreciated.

  1. Go to Membership > Find Memberships and perform a search.
  2. Select All XX records
  3. From the action menu select Export members
  4. Choose Select fields for export and Continue

You can then choose to export the membership ID, membership type, membership start date (all of which are needed to update a membership) and contact ID or Display Name or whatever else you need to match the memberships in the database to your external list of memberships.

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