Our CiviCRM site is using Drupal but i have another site on a separate server that uses Wordpress that i want to display the event information with links to the other site for registration. I explored using a view to display RSS feeds and using a feeds plugin on the Wordpress site to propagate the info but that didn't seem like a very easy solution.

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The Drupal Views + RSS feed solution sounds reasonable to me! There's lots of great support for generating RSS feeds in Drupal and we've had some good successes with that methodology.


To display Drupal content on a Wordpress site, I've had good success with iFrames. The steps involve:

  1. On the Drupal site, create the content that is to be displayed in the wordpress site, as a page -- usually with views, but it doesn't matter.

  2. Create a Drupal theme suitable for iframe embedding, e.g. like this https://www.drupal.org/project/entity_iframe_theme

  3. Use your favourite theme switcher module to use this iframe-friendly theme for your content (views) page.

  4. Emebed that page in your wordpress site as an iframe.

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