We're on CiviCRM 4.6.19, Drupal 7.50 and we use Authorize.net for payment processing.

If I simply want to increase the amount an existing monthly sustainer is giving, should I be able to do that by changing the monthly "subscription" amount in Authorize before the next monthly transaction?

Is there a recommended way to do this in CiviCRM itself?

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This won't work, because CiviCRM doesn't communicate with Authorize.Net regarding changes to recurring billing. Only token-based payment processors (e.g. iATS) do.

While I can't answer specifically for Authorize.Net, in PayPal you can change the billing amount by no more than 20% every 6 months without entering new card info. You do this from the PayPal UI.

  • Jon, thanks, Authorize doesn't communicate either way for a change in amount - to or from Civi? So only way to do an increase is to start a new monthly sustaining contribution/membership? Aug 14, 2016 at 21:56
  • Here's a link to my blog post about how iATS (token-based) payment processors differ from the Auth.net/paypal version: civicrm.org/blog/alan-dixon/… Note that iATS is not the only token-based payment processor for CiviCRM, but iATS is the only one that's funded development of it's plugin (and development of CiviCRM in general).
    – Alan Dixon
    Aug 16, 2016 at 13:46

You'll need to cancel the transaction via Authorize.net's merchant portal, cancel the recurring contribution in civi, and create a new recurring gift.

Civi can't do it all internally.


Would this process not work? If not, please comment and give some feedback so that I can alter what I'm expecting.

Editing Recurring Contributions without user login

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