I want to display in Drupal Views the IM details, I think it could be displayed like the websites or phone details.

Should I add it to CiviCRM or is it something civicrm_entity should handle ?

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I added the feature in CiviCRM, https://issues.civicrm.org/jira/browse/CRM-19274


I needed some more changes in the relationships, to be able to display the phone of the household of the contact :

in the relationships :

  • relationship CiviCRM relationship 'household member of'
  • relationship household as contact_id_b
  • relationship phone from relationship 'household', choice of primary phone

displayed fields : phone number, phone location, phone type from the 'Phone' relationship

so I altered some more code to be able to do that,

and I added the possibility to choose the location and type for Instant Messaging and Website, so it should answer How to access multiple CiviCRM website fields for a contact in Drupal Views?

I will put it in the same PR because it's related to the same part of code (relationships and fields location-related).

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