Perhaps there's an easy way out of this - so I'll keep the details down (for now).

  1. A new user signs in to Wordpress and
  2. CiviCRM reliably adds this user's email to the contacts.
  3. The user gets redirected to a page with a CiviCRM profile on it to get more information on the user.

-> The information entered does not populate the new CiviCRM contact, but adds a new one OR if one enters the user's email address it signals that there's a duplicate entry.

Now the documentation says:

For websites that have logged-in users, you may want to allow people to provide additional information as they register for an account on your website. Similarly, when people fill out a profile form you may want to encourage (or force) them to sign up for a user account.

Latter works (in a different use case); but it's the former option that fails - no matter what I try to tweek in the settings.



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I'd added the CiviCRM profile via the button to add short code - and skipped over the obvious:

enter image description here

Click "Edit" instead of "Create".

I didn't find the mistake until I read over short code I'd inserted, which read:

[civicrm component="profile" gid="18" mode="create" hijack="0"]

and should have:

[civicrm component="profile" gid="18" mode="edit" hijack="0"]


  • As a note, I believe when the profile is in Edit mode Civi will throw an error for non authenticated users
    – Andrei
    Commented Sep 5, 2016 at 11:05

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