Has anybody moved from the Windows-based Lexware Vereinsverwaltung application to CiviCRM?

Might there be features, which CiviCRM is missing? How can I best migrate the data from that application into CiviCRM?

As "Lexware Vereinsverwaltung" is probably an application with limited reach only used in Germany, I don't expect somebody has experience migrating from it to CiviCRM (surprise me!). But I will use this question to record my learnings from looking into it myself.

I decided to open a separate question to ask about general considerations for moving to CiviCRM.

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You could also check with Systopia, who are CiviCRM partners based in Germany: https://systopia.de/


Looks like these folks have some relevant experience - see https://sfe-ev.org/?page=1

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