I have a site running SES for outgoing mail. It works just fine to send out mass email from the domain, but it fails every time I try to share a PCP from a non verified email.

For example if I create a PCP from the main account on civicrm, and I use the SES verified email address, the PCP sharing works just fine.

On the other hand if I create a PCP from my personal email address and try to share the PCP, then the send fails (Amazon SES does not accept unverified email senders).

Is there a way to use mail() instead of AWS SES for this? or a way to allow for the domain to be validated?

  • Thanks for your post Brian. It would help other users if you could explain what the acronyms mean (SES, PCP, AWS). Sep 12, 2016 at 10:30
  • Amazon SES is an service offered by Amazon to sent bulk mail. (SES is short for Simple Email Service). Amazon SES is part from a range of services that go by the name AWS (Amazon Web Services). Oct 27, 2016 at 21:56

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I have a similar setup, but I have solved this outside CiviCRM. In CiviCRM, I configured the mail() send option. The effect is that the mail is routed by the local Mail Transport Agent. On my system, I use postfix for this task.

Postfix can be configured to relay an email to an email service dependent on the email address. Use to do this the sender_dependent_relayhost_maps parameter. An example can be found in this answer on the Unix site.

It is a good practice to send bulk mail with Amazon SES to prevent the email to be marked as spam.


While Kainuk's answer is better, a partial (but simpler to implement) solution is to prevent those emails altogether with the Outbound Domain Enforcement extension.

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