Is there a way to search by relationship in the Contact.get API call?

Eg: give me all the contacts that are individuals, in group 9 and have a relationship type 8 (optionally specifying direction and/or the other contact) ?

I'm modifying existing code that builds a variety of filters into a Contact.get call and I want to add relationships to that.

The new join feature in 4.7 looks hopeful except that it is not advertised for Contacts in the API explorer.

  • Correct, the Contact api unfortunately uses a legacy query builder that prevents it from supporting joins.
    – Coleman
    Sep 14, 2016 at 20:21

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This is going to require a second api call, first to retrieve a list of relationships for the 2nd contact, use a php loop to turn the list of relations into an array, and then you can add that to the original api call like

'id' => array('IN', $related_contact_ids)

PS. I'm not sure if the contact api3 supports this syntax.

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