Is there any way to restrict data export while still allowing users to see all data? I still want to give this permission 'View ANY CONTACT in the CiviCRM database, export contact info and perform activities such as Send Email, Phone Call, etc.' but don't want them to be able to export the contacts. civi 4.6.11, drupal 7

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Yes, it is now possible. I didn't hear from Kboy so I wrote an extension myself:



No it's not possible as far as i know.

Your best chance is to create an extension that will :

  1. remove export actions from the menu after a search if the user doesn't have enough permission by using hook_civicrm_searchTasks : https://wiki.civicrm.org/confluence/display/CRMDOC/hook_civicrm_searchTasks
  2. remove the export buttons from reports also. I guess you could do it by creating a alternative version of CRM/Report/Form/Actions.tpl that will check for the permissions before displaying the buttons. Yet, it still a display only hack and you might want to change CRM/Report/Form.php to ignore outputMode = csv...
  • I would be interested in such an extension - did you every write it? Can you share?
    – Jamie
    Commented Jan 20, 2017 at 18:51
  • @Jamie, not yet just looked at this again today, will update if i make any progress
    – Kboy
    Commented Apr 4, 2017 at 19:36

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