Im trying to create a profile form that connects to a speaker - participant profile for event hosts to review speakers. I created a custom field set and now and trying to put the questions into the profile form.

I want the results to be displayed only to people with permission as well as the form. When I edit the form and indicate that it is visible ONLY to "User and Admin" then it gives me the error attached.

How do I deal with this?




There are two fields Searchable? and Results Column? that make sense only for Public Pages and contact profile.

The field Searchable ? should be automatically unchecked when setting the visibility to "User and User Admin Only". When testing in http://dmaster.demo.civicrm.org in doesn't seems to be possible to even check them in a participant profile context.

Anyway, you might be able to submit the form by doing :

  • change visibility to Public Pages
  • uncheck Searchable? and Results Column?
  • change visibility back to User and User Admin Only

If that doesn't work, i suggest you udpate your CiviCRM to latest version.

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