Sometime, I think in May, our PayPal IPN communication broke. We haven't had a lot of PayPal use since then, so I haven't discovered it until recently. I'm having a lot of trouble straightening it out.

I've gone back over the troubleshooting ideas here. But still no luck.

That did help me narrow it down. I know this:

  • PayPal sends the IPN.
  • Civi logs the IPN in the Civicrm_system_log table, and I can't see anything strange about it, but I'm not sure what it's supposed to be. Here's the text

{"reset":"1","contactID":"4280","contributionID":"8377","module":"event","eventID":"33","participantID":"851","mc_gross":"900.00","invoice":"414ae4f493f47e11619bf7efc10b9f7b","protection_eligibility":"Ineligible","payer_id":"XSJW7PJ3W2WTE","tax":"0.00","payment_date":"16:59:26 Sep 14, 2016 PDT","payment_status":"Completed","charset":"windows-1252","first_name":"Ed","mc_fee":"20.10","notify_version":"3.8","custom":"","payer_status":"unverified","business":"[email protected]","quantity":"1","verify_sign":"Adbt8gdfutr1Z-T39jfFAojvxDVnASV9dlQzsWCS5U9rO.yPNTzpJ.RF","payer_email":"[email protected]","contact_phone":"xxxxxxxxx","txn_id":"77F61134Y5474453P","payment_type":"instant","last_name":"xxxx","receiver_email":"xxxxxxxxx","payment_fee":"20.10","receiver_id":"VLKFZ88QB68QL","txn_type":"web_accept","item_name":"4280-8377-Wine for Water","mc_currency":"USD","item_number":"","residence_country":"US","receipt_id":"2531-4793-0283-6721","handling_amount":"0.00","transaction_subject":"","payment_gross":"900.00","shipping":"0.00","ipn_track_id":"d48d1e5a8c3da"}

  • the IPN doesn't update the payment from Pending to Completed. The really bad thing is that event registrants don't end up getting their proper email confirmation.

What are some next steps to get to the bottom of this?

Joomla 3.6, Civi 4.7.11

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There was a pending/completed issue recently resolved in v 4.7.12 - link to JIRA ticket is: https://issues.civicrm.org/jira/browse/CRM-18483

Hope this helps, Tamar


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