Currently when a mailing is scheduled if we see a change that is needed, we have to cancel the mailing, then reuse it, fix the mistake, and send it again. Then we have to delete the original if we want to get it out of the interface.

Is there a way to simply "Continue" the cancelled mailing to save a few steps and avoid creating a duplicate and cluttering the interface?

  • I agree that a way of stopping a scheduled mailing from going out that enabled the user to make changes and then restart the mailing would be useful.
    – Graham
    Nov 2, 2016 at 10:28

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This is not pretty, but you can use the API from your browser to un-schedule the mailing.

  1. Find the ID of your mailing

    1. Go to Mailings > Scheduled and Sent Mailings
    2. Find your scheduled or canceled mailing within the list
    3. Determine the ID of the mailing by hovering over Report and looking for the number after mid= in the URL
  2. Open a javascript console in your web browser

    1. Begin with your web browser on any CiviCRM page.
    2. In Firefox go to menu > "Developer" > "Web Console". In Chrome, go to menu > "More tools" > "Developer Tools" > "Console".
    3. If you can type 2+2, press Enter, and see 4, you're all set.
  3. Execute some API commands to un-schedule the mailing

    1. Copy-paste the following code into the console (but don't press Enter yet)

      var mailingID = 0;
      CRM.api3('MailingJob', 'get', {'mailing_id': mailingID}).done(
        function(response) {
          CRM.api3('MailingJob', 'delete', {'id': response.id});
      CRM.api3('Mailing', 'create',
        {'id': mailingID, 'scheduled_id': '', 'scheduled_date': ''});
    2. Update the number 0 after mailingID to your own ID value determined above.

    3. Press Enter to execute the commands.
  4. See the results

    1. Go to Mailings > Draft and Unscheduled Mailings and find your mailing here, waiting for you to Continue

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