How do you delete a tag set? I created a tag set and only really needed to create a new tag.


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The documentation covering Groups and Tags is here at https://docs.civicrm.org/user/en/stable/organising-your-data/groups-and-tags/

To view tags, go to: Contacts > Manage Tags (Categories) in the navigation menu. A tag can be edited or deleted using the respective links in its row. If it is a reserved tag, remember to first untick the reserved box. Hope this helps.


If you are running an older version of the CiviCRM, you won't see the delete links unless you right-click on the tag. It's nonintuitive and took me awhile to find that out.

Contacts > Manage Tags (Categories) > right click on the tag.


Administer > Customize Data and Screens > Tags, scroll to find the name of the tag set you wish to delete, then click on the "Delete" hyperlink to the right-hand side of it.

Hope this helps, Tamar


Hopefully, this will be helpful to someone else.

The answer to "how do you delete a tag set?"

Before you can delete a tag set, you must delete all tags in that tag set, which can be done by following the answers others have given: Contacts > Manage Tags (Categories) > click on a tag and then click "Delete" on the right-hand side. Or use the CTRL key to select all the tags and then delete all of them.

Once you have deleted all of the tags in a tag set, then the title on the right-hand side will say "Empty Tag Set" and the delete option will be "Delete Set."

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