When registering multiple participants for a paid event, only the first participant has a contribution attached to them. Each subsequent participant shows up correctly, but has no attached contribution or any payment information.

Checking the participant_payment table, no entry is created for the additional participants.

Is there a way to track payments or the contact who registered them for these additional participants?

Examples from the Civi 4.7 Demo site -

User with contribution: User with contribution

User without contribution: User without contribution


After looking at this for a good while, I've discovered that clicking the contact name in the "Registered By" field on the additional registrations will bring up the original registration in a modal.

The way it appears now implies that it would take you to that contact's detail page and not their registration.


If you use a Price Set for your event fees you will see the above results. Additional participants will show $0 Fees Paid in Event Reports.

However, if you use the Regular Fees > Fee Labels at the bottom of the Event Management > Fees page--on the registration pages, it will show a radio button with the fee amount. This Fee Amount will show below each Participant Profile when registering multiple participants. I have 1 Fee label created and checked "Default" and it automatically has it as required--it cannot be unchecked in the registration process.

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