I am trying to filter a list of memberships based on start dates. My filter consists of From date and To date. I want to get a list of memberships whose start date is between From and To date.

I am using a angular page with wordpress setup. Here is what I have tried so far with no success.

var membership = crmApi('Membership', 'get', {
          status_id: 2, // get memberships with status Current
          start_date_low: "2016-08-13",
          start_date_high: "2017-08-12",
          return: ['contact_id', 'membership_name', 'start_date', 'end_date', 'source']
return membership;

Done @petednz - fuzion

Solved it. I have used this. start_date: {"BETWEEN":["2016-08-13", "2017-08-12"]} Have got the info from support > Developer > API Explorer. I am a newbie in CiviCRM. Was not aware of such a helpful API Explorer.

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