Profiles let you direct to some odd page after submission - why do contribution pages go nowhere (or maybe they do?)? Cheers


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You might find this Fuzion extension does what you need. Front End Page options adds the ability to choose an alternate thank you page instead of standard CiviCRM thank you page

  • I haven't implemented it yet - but from the reading: should work! Thanks. Commented Oct 23, 2016 at 11:07

@petednz - fuzion's answer will work - but it's eluded me. So here's a bit of a work-around: In the Contribution configuration mode go to "Receipt" and add in the Thank you message/footer a link that can be formatted to look like a button ->

<p><a class="johnbutton" href="http://xyz/members-home/">Go to your membership page</a></p>

Why not use the <button> or <input> tags? Somehow they trigger an input that collides with the CiviCRM form...

I.e. its not a real redirect, but gives the user the option to trigger one.

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