CiviCRM 4.7.11 WordPress 4.6.1

Having problems accessing Activities and Mailings.

  1. From a Contact record, click "Activites" and get an Invalid JSON response. See image.
  2. From a Contact record, click "Mailings" and get the Summary of the record.

Can't do "Find Activities" or "Find Mailings" from Search pull-down either. "Find Mailings" goes to the dashboard.

Can use Custom Searches and Activity Search. So doesn't seem to be a database error. Seems to be a code error. Haven't done any upgrades.

Invalid JSON

Find Activites

Did research on the JSON error and this seems to be the code that is causing the error.

CRM.$(function($) {   // The set of options we can use to initialize jQuery.dashboard().   var options = {     widgetsByColumn: [[{"id":2,"name":"getting-started","title":"CiviCRM Resources","url":"\/wp-admin\/admin.php?page=CiviCRM&q=civicrm\/dashlet\/getting-started&reset=1","cacheMinutes":"7200","fullscreenUrl":"\/wp-admin\/admin.php?page=CiviCRM&q=civicrm\/dashlet\/getting-started&reset=1&context=dashletFullscreen"}],[]],     // These define the urls and data objects used for all of the ajax requests to the server.     ajaxCallbacks: {       // jQuery.dashboard() POSTs the widget-to-column settings here.       // The 'columns' property of data is reserved for the widget-to-columns settings:       //    An array (keyed by zero-indexed column ID), of arrays (keyed by widget ID)       //    of ints; 1 if the widget is minimized.  0 if not.       saveColumns: {         url: '/wp-admin/admin.php?page=CiviCRM&q=civicrm/ajax/dashboard',         data: {           // columns: array(0 => array(widgetId => isMinimized, ...), ...),           op: 'save_columns', key: "6318f73741bb1ff8ca4f6bdb6a720062"         }       },       // jQuery.dashboard() GETs a widget's settings object and POST's a users submitted       // settings back to the server.  The return, in both cases, is an associative       // array with the new settings markup and other info:       //       // Required properties:       //  * markup: HTML string.  The inner HTML of the settings form.  jQuery.dashboard()       //    provides the Save and Cancel buttons and wrapping element.  Can include       //    s of any standard type and s, nested in s etc.       //       // Server-side executable script callbacks (See documentation for       // ajaxCallbacks.getWidgets):       //  * initScript:  Called when widget settings are initialising.       //  * script:  Called when switching into settings mode.  Executed every time       //    the widget goes into settings-edit mode.       //       // The 'id' property of data is reserved for the widget ID.       // The 'settings' property of data is reserved for the user-submitted settings.       //    An array (keyed by the name="" attributes of s), of values.       widgetSettings: {         url: '/wp-admin/admin.php?page=CiviCRM&q=civicrm/ajax/dashboard',         data: {           // id: widgetId,           // settings: array(name => value, ...),           op: 'widget_settings', key: "6318f73741bb1ff8ca4f6bdb6a720062"         }       }     }   };   var dashboard = $('#civicrm-dashboard')     .on('mouseover', '.widget-header', function() {       $(this).closest('.widget-wrapper').addClass('db-hover-handle');     })     .on('mouseout', '.widget-header', function() {       $(this).closest('.widget-wrapper').removeClass('db-hover-handle');     })     .dashboard(options);   $('.crm-hover-button.show-refresh').click(function(e) {     e.preventDefault();     $.each(dashboard.widgets, function(id, widget) {       widget.reloadContent();     });   }); });     function createSWFObject( chartID, divName, xSize, ySize, loadDataFunction ) {        var flashFilePath = "/wp-content/plugins/civicrm/civicrm/packages/OpenFlashChart/open-flash-chart.swf";        //create object.        swfobject.embedSWF( flashFilePath, divName,                          xSize, ySize, "9.0.0",                          "expressInstall.swf",                          {"get-data":loadDataFunction, "id":chartID},                          null,                          {"wmode": 'transparent'}                         );     }   OFC = {};   OFC.jquery = {            name: "jQuery",              image: function(src) { return ""},              popup: function(src) {              var img_win = window.open('', 'Save Chart as Image');            img_win.document.write('Save Chart as Image' + OFC.jquery.image(src) + ' ');            img_win.document.close();                        }                  } function save_image( divName ) {       var divId = "" ? 'open_flash_chart_'+divName : "";           if( !divId ) {                divId = 'open_flash_'+divName;         }       OFC.jquery.popup( divId ); }

  Configure Your Dashboard

  Refresh Dashboard Data

            Welcome to your Home Dashboard                     Your dashboard provides a one-screen view of the data that's most important to you. Graphical or tabular data is pulled from the reports you select, and is displayed in 'dashlets' (sections of the dashboard).              

    Javascript must be enabled in your browser in order to use the dashboard features.

  CRM.$(function($) {     $('#crm-dashboard-configure').click(function(e) {       e.preventDefault();       $(this).hide();       if ($("#empty-message").is(':visible')) {         $("#empty-message").fadeOut(400);       }       $("#civicrm-dashboard").fadeOut(400, function() {         $(".crm-dashboard-controls").hide();         $("#configure-dashlet").fadeIn(400);       });       CRM.loadPage(CRM.url('civicrm/dashlet', 'reset=1'), {target: $("#configure-dashlet")});     });   });

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I solved this by re-installing CiviCRM. Somehow it got corrupted.

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