Can't seem to find an answer. Exporting PDF and Print reports for event check-in sheet at the front door. Want to either remove the link or the default Last/First name column to stop the 'view' link from appearing.



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To address this in the browser view, you should be able to target those links with a CSS selector.

Eg, for this report on the demo site -

you can hide the View/Edit/Delete links by targetting .action-item. You'll need to restrict this CSS to the report in question, so you might want to look at using .extra.tpl to achieve this.

You can also directly do this in the browser console before printing.


I believe the way to do what youre talking about will be to alter your CRM/Report/Form/Event/report you are using.php file.

The alterDisplay function is formatting the display name as links by default.


Using the "Find Participants" report, are you aware that the "Print " view will make a print format version for you? Try this via the event "Find Participants" view (eg here on demo).

print selected rows action

print output

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