I've tried to test v4.7.13 smart groups with relative dates after the bug is supposedly fixed: Is it a bug that Relative Dates are broken in Search and Smart Groups?

  1. Now, I create an Activity today for one contact.
  2. I do advanced search for contacts with Activity = Today.
  3. Search gives me the one contact with Activity = Today.
  4. I create smart group out of that search.
  5. I go to Contacts > Manage groups and see that in my group is 1156 contacts (from which only one match criteria, namely, has Activity = Today).

UPDATE: Bug is replicated in CiviCRM Drupal Sandbox v4.7.14. http://dmaster.demo.civicrm.org/civicrm/group/search?force=1&context=smog&gid=7&qfKey=59a9c20b96f05a8c46befb01c385c298_1338

(Or see group Activity Today in Contacts > Manage Groups)


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