In the Activity tab for a contact, case activities are not shown. I would rather they were, but I can live without that.

But in the filter for including and excluding activity types from the view, the case activities appear. Surely this is a bug. Since case activities are not shown in the tab, it makes no sense to filter by them.

In an organisation with a large amount of case activity types this makes the filter pretty much unusable because the list is so long and largely irrelevant.

I found the offending line of code, it is line 40 in CRM/Activity/Form/ActivityFilter.php

$activityOptions = CRM_Core_PseudoConstant::activityType(TRUE, TRUE, FALSE, 'label', TRUE);

It seems to be the first parameter being set to TRUE that makes it include case activites.

Should I file a bug, what do you think?

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