I have a testing site I wish to install civiCRM on. The server and software specs all match civiCRM's requirements as seen here. The pre-install check all seems to be okay with it's green text.

After waiting a minute or so for the install to finish it results in a 404 error. I made brand new WordPress installs, databases, etc. but I still get the same 'page not found.'

Except when I don't force https when installing WordPress. Upon two clean installs, I've gotten Civi installed.

Some things I noted,

  • Disabling all plugins doesn't appear to impact the issue.
  • Installing civiCRM with a separate database (with HTTPS) gives me the Green Install notification, but trying to click on the civiCRM link in the menu resulted in a 500 error. Further, removing civi and trying to start again gave me 500s even on the pre-install page, I suspect something went wrong with using a new databse I created for civi.

Any Suggestions on how to troubleshoot this and get the install working?

  • You'll need to post what the 500 error was for anyone to be able to help you. – Christian Wach Nov 16 '16 at 14:59

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