I am not the technical person - merely a user so I am very unfamiliar with this tool. I am trying to find the reason for the error I receive when trying to search the contacts for all individual contacts. The error I receive is: Sorry. A non-recoverable error has occurred. DB Error: unknown error.


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The links in the comments are helpful, but don't actually give the correct answer for the log in question.

There's two ways to see the logs for your error:

  • Check the ConfigAndLog directory. You can find it here: Where are the "ConfigAndLog" and "templates_c" directories?
  • You can also see the error on-screen: Go to Administer menu » System Settings » Debugging and Error Handling, and select both "Enable Debugging" and "Display Backtrace". Then repeat whatever issue led to the error! Make sure to turn this off when you're done - leaving it turned on can leak information to a potential hacker, which is why they're not on by default.
  • Install the Log Viewer extension from your Administer menu » System Settings » Extensions. This will add a new entry under Administer menu » Administration Console.

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