I expect the answers to this will depend on the type of payment processor. In this case it is Authorize.net.

My research has found

all of which seem to be focussed on 'tokens' which means I don't think it helps this scenario.

One thought has been if we could at least copy the CC Expiry Date data in to another field that gets stored on the Contribution, though a much better solution would be to make that date the Scheduled Date of an Activity.

Any proven solutions out there?

One suggestions via 'chat' has been to see if auth.net are offering the 'account updater' service.

This seems the most recent discussion on this which implies there is no timeline for providing this.

In an earlier thread they talked about a new "ARBGetSubscriptionLIstRequest API method to get a list of subscriptions with cards expiring this month" but don't yet know if ARB is something that is available to civi users or not.

  • My understanding is that folks were originally worried that storing expiry dates would be a violation of PCI compliance - but later readings debunked that. However, no one ever took the step of adding a field to store expiry dates into core, not least because some payment processor extensions implement it and no one wanted to rewrite their processors. – Jon G - Megaphone Tech Dec 2 '16 at 1:03

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