If I configure a free event the online registration page has a "continue" button after the registration fields.

However if I have a paid event with a free (ie $0.00) price, when the $0.00 price is selected the payment (paypal) block disappears but no "continue" button displays?

civi 4.7.10 wordpress 4.6


This is definitely an issue with how PayPal express - payment processor works in civicrm, if you have multiple options on the event and the customer chooses to pay nothing and only opts for free part of the event. the continue button disappears as well paypal express button goes away, I've been using paypal standard instead to get around the issue.

  • Indeed, we use Paypal Standard, as we have some events where people are paying $0 and others are paying more (they didn't want to do discount codes). – Jenni Simonis Apr 10 '19 at 2:10

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